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Innovative solutions

BlueTrees and its team are specialized in the creation and implementation of innovative employee compensation and shareholding solutions.
BlueTrees’ offer is focused on 2 types of compensation:

  • Variable compensation (bonus) that rewards past performance of employees. It has obtained a ruling from the tax authorities that allows companies to offer warrant plans without a bank or social secretariat. This simplifies procedures and reduces the company’s costs.
  • Employee shareholding (option plans, share plans, profit-sharing) which shares the future growth of the company with the beneficiaries. BlueTrees has a global offer that includes qualitative legal assistance, technical assistance, communication, software and attractive pricing.

Our BlueOption computer platform offers a fully digital solution for option plan optimisation processes. It allows you to manage these plans in all simplicity on a smartphone, tablet or PC

What makes us different :

  • Our team’s expertise and experience
  • Constant innovation and adaptation to change
  • The quality and responsiveness of our service
  • Competitive prices