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Innovative solutions

BlueTrees and its team specialise in the offer of innovative solutions in terms of compensation optimisation.

It recently obtained an innovative agreement from the tax authority.
This agreement, or ruling, allows you to work with or without the intervention of a financial organisation.
It offers you the flexibility and legal and fiscal security you’re looking for.

Neither employees nor employers have to open a bank account any more, “US persons” aren’t excluded, GDPR is respected, intervention or not of a bank to possibly cover the market risk, and a major simplification of the implementation processes.

Furthermore, BlueTrees has developed new long-term options that are more advantageous in terms of taxation.

Our BlueOption computer platform offers a fully digital solution for option plan optimisation processes. It allows you to manage these plans in all simplicity on a smartphone, tablet or PC

What makes us different :

  • Our team’s expertise and experience
  • Constant innovation and adaptation to change
  • The quality and responsiveness of our service
  • Competitive prices