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We offer unique solutions to optimise the net of your employees. Discover our innovative warrant plans, approved by the Fiscal Administration.

Employee share ownership

Employee share ownership enables beneficiaries to share in the company's future growth. We offer you comprehensive support, from legal assistance to the operational implementation of the plan.

About BlueTrees

Since our creation in 2018, we have gained the trust of over 400 loyal clients, including the largest employers in Belgium, thanks to our in-depth knowledge of financial tools and high GDPR requirements.

What sets us apart is our multidisciplinary team of experts in finance, taxation, law, operations, and IT.

Our commitment to our clients is rooted in our core values, and we always place our clients at the center of our concerns.

Our platform

Our BlueOption platform is used to manage warrants and employee share ownership plans. Its environment is simple, flexible, innovative and intuitive. User processes have been simplified as much as possible.

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