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Compensation optimisation

We are a multidisciplinary team combining decades of financial, tax, legal, operational and IT expertise.

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Innovative Solutions

BlueTrees and its team are specialised in the offer of innovative solutions in terms of compensation optimisation. A leader in the area, BlueTrees has obtained a brand-new agreement with the Tax Authority.

The employer is once more in a key position and in control of operations. Simplification of processes for a better understanding of the solutions by the beneficiaries and an optimal customer experience.

Integrated platform

BlueOption is a tailor-made software program developed by BlueTrees and Sagacify, allowing users to manage all types of plans for employees, directors and independents. Flexible, reliable and 100 % web-based, BlueOption is a very high-performance tool that manages the daily administration of plans.

Highly secure, very easy to use and adapted to smartphones, tablets and PC, this is the latest generation IT tool to manage, accept, sell and exercise your options.